Cookies Policy

The MMR | Márcia Martinho da Rosa is committed to protecting privacy and your personal data From website users, for which it has drawn up this cookie policy. This policy explains like The cookie files present on the website are used, which is why we advise you to read them.

1. What are cookies?

1.1.Cookies are small files of information that help to identify the your browser and that can store information, for example, settings and preferences of the User.

1.2. With the exception of cookies specifically required for the performance of the website, the storage of other cookies will always depend on the User's acceptance and consent, being able this consent be withdrawn at all times through specific browser tools.

How do we use Cookies?

2.1. We use cookies to display your preferences, for example:

(a) cookies let us know whether you have agreed (or not) to the use of cookies on the WEBSITE;

(b) cookies allow us to identify you as a recurring User;

(c) cookies allow us to retrieve your personalized preferences when you browse.

3. Third Party Cookies

3.1. Some cookies may also be stored by parties other than the MMR.

3.2. These third parties are service providers, and although MMR performs all efforts to use only service providers that provide guarantees of use of adequate technical and organizational measures and in accordance with the requirements of the relevant legislation in data protection, the User understands that MMR is not responsible for the content and accuracy of the privacy and cookies policies of these third parties.

3.3. In Point 6 you will find a description of all cookies used, among them, those of third parties.

4. What are Cookies for?

4.1. MMR will store cookies on your device to customize and to facilitate to the maximum the navigation, but also, for the solving of problems, statistics, guarantee of quality, and to monitor system security.

4.2. You may, at any time, delete or block these cookies, being that, by doing so, some features of this WEBSITE may not work as expected.

4.3. cookies are not used for any purpose other than here described.

5. Types of Cookies

5.1. The cookies on our WEBSITE are used for different purposes purposes, but, in general, its usage can be divided into the following categories:

(a) Cookies Strictly Required: are cookies which are essential for the provision of the WEBSITE and for all requested services, but not perform no additional or secondary functions.

(b) CookiesPerformance: are those cookies that provide statistical information about the use of the WEBSITE, ie web analysis.

(c) Cookies Targeting/Advertising: are cookies used to create profiles or customize content.

6. Cookies we use

6.1. The following table explains how cookies are used in this WEB SITE.

Cookies Strictly necessary








Cookies used to combat cross-site request forgery (cross-site request forgery),a type of malicious website exploit.


Cookies of performance








Cookie generated by general purpose PHP language based applications to keep the user session variables.


The 3rd



Cookie generated by Google Analytics and used to distinguish users.

2 years

The 3rd



Cookie generated by Google Analytics and used to distinguish users.

24 hour

The 3rd



Cookie generated by Google Analytics and used to track the rate of request.

1 minute

7.Cookie Control and Management

7.1. At all times you will be able to control and/or eliminate the cookies, namely, you will be able to delete all the cookies that are already stored in your device, being able to even configure most browsers to prevent your storage.

7.2. In order to manage this, however, you will have to manually adjust some preferences every time you visit certain websites, without which some services and features may not work.

7.3. As an additional guarantee you may, at any time, disable cookies, configuring your browser, according to the instructions available at:

(a) For Google Chrome users:

(b) For Internet Explorer users:

(c) For Microsoft Edge users:

(d) For Mozilla Firefox users:

(e) For Apple Safari Users:

8. Cookie Policy Changes

8.1. MMR reserves the right to readjust or change this Policy to any these changes are being publicized.

9. Our Contact Details

9.1. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Policy, please contact us in writing via email

10. Latest Version

10.1. January, 2022.